Features & Benefits

LONG LIFESPAN – Incorporating the latest in design and technology, the EGL Series is a truly unique battery for electric vehicles. The result of this innovation is a battery with double the life of traditional batteries. Whether it’s on the course, in the warehouse, or around town, the EGL will provide years of reliable, hassle-free use.

DROP-IN REPLACEMENT – Separating itself from other new battery technologies, EGL Series is a true drop-in replacement, with industry standard GC8 and GC2 form factors that do NOT require the use of a BMS or special charger.

SUSTAINABLE TECHNOLOGY – In addition to being non-hazardous, the EGL Series is 99% recyclable and will not contribute to landfill waste.

FAST CHARGING – All Fullriver batteries incorporate very low internal resistance allowing for higher charge rates; up to 35% of total Ah for faster charging even in the cold!

BUILT STRONGER – A true High-Durability battery, Fullriver EGL Series is constructed with thick, pure lead plates, and Over-The-Partition welds to greatly increase resistance to vibration and shock.

OUTSTANDING WARRANTY – Fullriver EGL Series batteries are backed by industry leading warranty terms. Decades of experience building true deep cycle batteries provides this high level of confidence.

FLEXIBLE INSTALLATION – EGL can be mounted vertically or horizontally, allowing them to fit places traditional wet cell batteries cannot! Fullriver incorporates recombinant technology for long life, and no off-gassing like traditional wet cell batteries. Install them inside without the worry of dangerous explosive and corrosive gases.

WORRY-FREE TRANSPORTATION – Fullriver AGM batteries are all classified as Non-Dangerous (NON-DG) goods, and are ALL considered safe for Land, Sea and Air transit.

Made from 99% Recyclable Products

Groundbreaking Cyclic Ability Rated for 1,000 cycles @ 80% DOD

Completely Safe Non-Spillable Maintenance-Free

Requires no BMS or Additional Safety Equipment