The Eagle Series from Fullriver exceeds all expectations for performance and life in an EV battery. Taking its place as the next generation of safe, environmentally sustainable, zero maintenance batteries, with double the life of the traditional golf battery. Purpose built for electric vehicles facing high demands, the Eagle goes far beyond what was ever imagined a traction battery could do.

ModelGroup SizeVoltageCapacity @C20(Ah)Reserve Capacity @25AReserve Capacity @75AWeight (Approx.)
EGL200-6GC26-Volt200375 minutes100 minutes33.6M8
EGL220-6GC26-Volt220470 minutes118 minutes37.5M8
EGL170-8GC88-Volt170330 minutes120 minutes37M8
EGL100-123112-Volt100175 minutes43 minutes35.6M8
EGL120-12-12-Volt120210 minutes53 minutes39M8

Made from 99% Recyclable Products

Groundbreaking Cyclic Ability Rated for 1,000 cycles @ 80% DOD

Completely Safe Non-Spillable Maintenance-Free

Requires no BMS or Additional Safety Equipment